And if they asked me why I love Sicily? I would answer: Watch it at night, live it during the day, listen to it in summer and dream it in winter … Then maybe they would understand !!!

Santa Croce Camerina is located in the province of Ragusa, in the south east of Sicily; is a small town well located near larger seaside resorts such as Marina di Ragusa and smaller ones such as Punta Secca. This beautiful sunny town is famous worldwide for the feast of San Giuseppe which is celebrated in March: this holiday religious marks the beginning of spring and attracts many tourists. The faithful offer the Saint a “dinner” by grace “requested” or already “received”: on the tables of these “dinners” fruit, vegetables and all culinary traditions are displayed locals, wine, beautiful flowers and firstfruits; but the most particular feature of this dinner is its bread, homemade and decorated with great skill!

Punta Secca is a small seaside village, a hamlet of Santa Camerina. The locals call it “A SICCA” (the shoal) probably due to the presence of a small formation of rocks in front of the east beach, precisely a “shoal”. The village owes its recent popularity to the fact that here it was set one of the film sets of the fiction series Il Commissario Montalbano. The commissioner’s beach house is in fact located, in television fiction, in a small villa in the village square.

Distances in the province of Ragusa
2 km from the sea and the beach of Punta Secca, from the places of the Commissario Montalbano
7 km from the natural reserve of the mouth of the river Irminio
7 km from the tourist port of Marina di Ragusa
10 km from the Aleppo Pine Nature Reserve
8 km from the Randello forest 25 km from Ragusa, the provincial capital
15 km from the Donnafugata castle
35 km from Modica
20 km from Scicli
7 km from the Donnafugata Golf Resort and SPA

Distances in Sicily